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Yanco Associates Engaged by Shaw Consulting International

Transmission & Distribution Consulting

March–September, 2008 -- Working in consortium with Shaw Consulting International, Yanco Associates provided utility system and operations knowledge to facilitate the review and development of recommended alternatives that would improve the reliability of the electric distribution system in Washington, DC.  In conjunction with PEPCO and under the direction of the Public Service Commission, our team examined previous reliability studies and reliability records to understand the issues.  We investigated the operational environment and systematically investigated different construction methods, assets, voltages, and storm events.  The work evolved and was developed into a measurement of expected incidents per mile or by asset unit.  By learning the major causes of outages and the expected improvement by relocating specific assets, the team was able to focus on alternative implementation plans and develop costs to eliminate or reduce problems by the selective undergrounding of specific overhead asset types.  This was a unique approach since a review of previous studies showed they were based on the complete undergrounding of all overhead assets for reliability improvement.  Our study, however, showed that 65 percent of the overhead assets contributed (in this service area) less than two percent of the outage incidents and affected less than one percent of the total customers interrupted (SAIFI).  Our approach allows the utility to make realistic decisions about improving reliability over the long term without requiring unrealistic rate increases.

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